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Episode 381: Summer Summer Summertime Movie Preview

Jun 5, 2019

It is the summer summer summer time movie preview, as Will Smith rapped many years ago.  Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl hustled to the mall to get them a short set, then fill your earholes with all the summer movies upcoming in June, July and August. The guys gush over the new Rock and Statham romantic comedy......

Episode 276: The Mt Rushmore of Comedic Actors

May 10, 2017

In the continuing series of Mt Rushmore, Mikey, Dave & Pinky take on the best comedic actors for a chance to be memorialized into a rock face wall monument! 

First up, a quick round of Rotten Tomatoes Potpourri, with comedy films as the theme... including Pinky figuring out who "Uncle Buck" actually is.  Plus, a...