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Episode 248: Greatest Movie Year Tourney Part IV

Oct 26, 2016

Another great round of year matches in this part of the tournament, as Dave, Mikey & Pinky are determined to find the Greatest Year of Movies Ever!  Here are the matches you'll see this go-round... 

1993 vs 1980 out of The TechnoRetro Dads Regional

1993 has Jurassic Park... The Fugitive... Sleepless in Seattle......

Episode 247: MikeTober III: The Deucening... and ReFlicktions

Oct 19, 2016

With the pumpkins and ghosts adorning every Southern porch, you know that Halloween is nigh... and that means the return of MikeTober III: The Miking Hour.

Mike, Pinky & Dave join forces with Witt Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr. Earl, who joins us live from the Pretentious Corner.  And...

Episode 246: Barn Raising Religious Films

Oct 12, 2016

Channeling our inner Left Behind with some Chris Tomlin and Kirk Cameron, The Deucecast Movie Show turns attention to those great films with a religious tone... be it matters of faith or cult or anything less, Dave, Mike & Pinky welcome back Witt Stillman Fan, Terrance Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl.


Episode 245: The Greatest Movie Year Tourney Part III

Oct 5, 2016

Mikey, Dave and Pinky come together once again to talk about movie years.  Great movie years.  In fact, the greatest movie year ever, in the greatest movie year ever tournament.  But this much awesome cannot be held only by the three hosts, so joining the group is frequent contributor and friend of the show Remodeling...