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Sep 20, 2023

As Mikey, d$, and #XLessDrEarl get set for Episode 600, the Deucecast Movie Show is releasing a series of "milestone" episodes, including the first ReFlicktions ep (#130) last week, and this week, Episode 300. 


Aside from the RetroZap Podcasting Network bumper being taken off the front, and the stinger added to the...

Sep 13, 2023

 In preparation for Episode 600, we are going to be releasing a series of "classic" eps for a few weeks... this is the first episode in which we did "ReFlicktions" as an entire episode -- from July 28, 2014, its Episode 130. 


You can find the original
show notes by clicking this link

Here are the movies discussed


Sep 6, 2023

It took over 12 years to get here, but here we are.  Dave, Mikey, and #XLessDrEarl are at the penultimate episode of an episode that feels bigger than 500.  A hundred eps bigger, as a matter of fact...


This is Episode 599.

As the Big Bracket finally takes shape, there are 27 movie roles that will vie for the title of...

Aug 30, 2023

As the summer comes to a close, so does 2023 edition, and the final edition of #FanBoySummer this year (and possibly for a while), Dave, Mikey, and #XLessDrEarl welcome back one of the show faves -- Straight Outta Iowa, it's Aussie Nate!

First, a quick catch-up on Nate, then a rousing round of Denzel... where...

Aug 23, 2023

One week remains in the 2nd annual #FanBoySummer, and we'll take that week next go 'round with our friend Aussie Nate... but until then, we have to talk about the movies... nay, ReFlicked upon the movies we've seen in the last few weeks.


Dave, Mikey, and #XLessDrEarl jump right in with Mikey discussing a handful of...