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Episode 265: Spring Preview & Oscar Picks

Feb 22, 2017

With the winter almost over -- considering it barely started -- it's time for Pinky, Dave and Mikey to look ahead to the movies coming out in March, April & May.

Movies like Logan... The Wall.. Beauty & the Beast... King Arthur: Legend of the Sword... Alien Covenant and much, much more!

Coming out:
March 3th

Episode 264: ReFlicktions & That Pittsburgh Feeling

Feb 15, 2017

Now that that silly love stuff is over, it's time to get to real issues of the day... like how can Mikey, Dave, and Pinky have a ReFlicktions show that is under 2 hours?  Especially when Witt Stillman Fan, Movie Historian, Terence Malick Apologist and Brie Larsen Lover Dr Earl and host of the Remodeling Clay Podcast,...

Episode 263: Valentine's Pink (ft J-Kauf!)

Feb 8, 2017

Love is in the air, but there are some techie issues in this episode, so just be forewarned.

Mikey, d$ and Pinky celebrate the time of love with a Valentine's Day themed episode!  And what better way to celebrate love for you, the audience, then to invite in Wit Stillman fan, Terance Malick Apologist and Film...

Episode 262: Greatest Movie Year Ever Part V

Feb 1, 2017

After a three month break in the action, Pinky, Mikey and d$ return to finish out the final 16 movie years... the Cinema 16, if you will...

The Battles in this episode:

1989 - Honey I Shrunk the Kids... The Little Mermaid... The 'Burbs... Major League... The Abyss...


1991... Beauty & the Beast... Silence of the...