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Aug 31, 2022

For the first time in over two years, the Deucecast crew -- Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl takes on a Herculean task... listing the movies coming in the fall and winter of the year. The Spring/Summer preview (ep 526) got most of the movies right, but when it comes to fall and winter, leading into award season, it's a total crapshoot.

But we are up for the challenge.

We list most of the major releases into theaters and streaming, with the knowledge that any of them can move without warning.  

Two Pinocchio films, new Kevin Smith, is Fletch even relevant anymore, Sidney Pointier gets his due, Zac Efron on a Beer Run, Olivia Wilde v Flo Pugh, Tyler Perry's Jazzman, d$ geeks out over new Russell AND new Baumbach, Mikey says "Dominatrix", #TwitterlessDrEarl loving some Tar, Anne Hathaway heads to another Oscar, She Said journalism, Amy Adams Amy Adams Amy Adams, Tom Hanks bad accents, Whitney biopic, Sarah Polley's critical love... 

And dozens and dozens and dozens more.