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Episode 336: The Arnold Sweet 16 (Ft Shaz!)

Jul 18, 2018

The biggest movie role tournament in the history of podcasts (disclaimer, that meaning podcasts that are recorded in Meadowbrook, AL) rolls on, as Mikey, Dave and #Twitterless Dr Earl tackle another handful of great movie roles from a legendary Hollywood actor. This time, Arnold Schwarzaneggar gets his day in the...

Episode 249: Favorite Political Movies

Nov 2, 2016

It's election season here in 'Merica, and to recognize, Mikey, Pinky, and Dave are talking favorite political films!  And who better to bring in to discuss such movies than the President of the Pretentious Corner, the Witt Stillman fan, the Film Historian, the Terence Malick Apologist himself, the honorable Dr...