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Episode 380: May the ReFlicktions Be With You

May 29, 2019

With a heaping helping of movie reviews, it's another ReFlicktions episode!  Mikey, Dave and #TwitterlessDrEarl recap the list of movies they've seen in the last month... including one series stretch of hard hitting documentaries, hard hitting Ned Beatty, and Wick, John Wick. Topics include... Donald Glover's latest......

Episode 359: Holiday ReFlicktions

Jan 2, 2019

Merry Christmas (just passed) and Happy New Year and in between time, in the meantime, it's the rundown of the movies that Mikey, Dave and #Twitterless Dr Earl has seen in the last several weeks. Among the discussions, the guys touch on the problem with YA movies... the flop of Mortal Engines... Natalie Portman...

Episode 348: A Star ReFlicktion Is Born

Oct 10, 2018

The fall movie season is upon us, as the Oscar contenders slowly begin to roll out. And of course, the one that everyone has seen a trailer for, oh, about 73,833 times, is "A Star is Born" with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. And who better to discuss such a movie than Mikey, Dave and #TwitterlessDrEarl... or better yet,...