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Episode 278: The Film Four (Movie Year Tourney Part VIII)

May 24, 2017

It's getting down to the bare bones of the Greatest Movie Year Ever Tournament, as only FOUR years remain.  And it's time to find the finalists.

Helping Dave, Mikey, and Pinky are guests on the Binder & Binder hotline, first with our favorite Michigander podcaster Remodeling Clay Shaver, and then Wit Stillman fan,...

Episode 274: Nostalgia vs Recency Bias - Movie Year Tourney IX

Apr 26, 2017

The guys of the Deucecast Movie Show -- Mikey, Dave & Pinky -- join forces with friends of the show Remodeling Clay Podcast host Clay Shaver as well as Terence Malick Apologist, Wit Stillman Fan, Brie lover (both the cheese and the Larsen), Film Historian and -ologist of the world, Dr Earl.

In this ep, you'll hear the...

Episode 273: Pinky Goes Commando (and other ReFlicktions)

Apr 19, 2017

April is here, spring has sprung and movies have been watched!  Pinky, Mikey, and Dave come back to 'fess those flicks, inviting in Friend of the Show Remodeling Clay Shaver and Film historian, Brie (cheese & Larson) lover, Terence Malick apologist, Wit Stillman fan and -ocologist of the world, Dr Earl.


Episode 270: The Deucecast Senior Year

Mar 29, 2017

It's that of the year where Senioritis hits everyone who is peering down the barrel of forever... their graduation and the release into the real world.  Of college, anyway.  The old Mikey, the older Dave, and the zygote Pinky welcome in Witt Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist and Brie Lover (both the cheese & the...

Episode 266: Movie Tourney Year Part VI

Mar 1, 2017

Another round of movie year matchups... these are films in the Cinema Sixteen, all vying for a shot at The Entertaining Eight...

Schindler's List... Sleepless in Seattle... Jurassic Park... Dazed & Confused... Tombstone


Saving Private Ryan... The Truman Show... The Big Lebowski... A Bug's Life......