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Sep 21, 2022

Another September, another fall begins, and another round of ReFlicktions takes shape as Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl come together once again to give the lowdown on 12 movies (d$) and 5 movies (Ear) and 133 movies (Mikey, taking over for Pinky in the moviewatching sphere)


In the show... Earl taps into...

Sep 14, 2022

As the Summer movie season comes to a close Dave, Mikey, and TwitterlessDrEarl discuss their favorites and not so favorites of the summer.

Sep 7, 2022

Still Beautiful. Still Gorgeous. Still Malick.

As Labor Day passes, so goes, for all intents and purposes, the #FanBoySummer which comes to a close with one final guest, one final top five as provided by those in the Discord.

Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl welcome back The Pride of Tifton Georgia, the Spawn of Ryfun,...

Aug 31, 2022

For the first time in over two years, the Deucecast crew -- Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl takes on a Herculean task... listing the movies coming in the fall and winter of the year. The Spring/Summer preview (ep 526) got most of the movies right, but when it comes to fall and winter, leading into award season, it's...

Aug 24, 2022

Only two weeks left in our newly iconic #FanBoySummer, and we chose to handpick our final two losers winners, we mean, and one guest we wanted to bring back is a beloved past and future guest. But since Paige Davis was not available, we invited on our lovely pal Jenny Kaufman!

First, catching up with Kaufman after her...