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Episode 371: Islands in the Streaming V

Mar 27, 2019

If you need a movie and your choice is unknown Maybe listen here now to the Movie Show... The hosts are podcasting inside, and they got flicks going on Nat Portman does something to Mikey that he can't explain When Dave is watching Katie Heigl, he can feel no pain Every beat of Earl's heart Allison Brie Larsen is going on All the tender reviews It requires dedication Battle movie years Then they have a conversation They podcast together, ah-ah Lovin' Star Wars with each other, ah-ah Deucecast Movie Show That is what we are Pinky used to be In the other chair He sailed away did he, to another world So now its just three with each other, ah-ah Ogling Gal Gadot with each other, ah-ah Kaufman is the guest with the soccer goals Shaver talks the docs, from his Midford home Ryfun over in Waycross Or Valdosta? Eh, we don't even know Novotny with the Amish and she does Diva Diz Shaz and Shua come on and do 80s riffs And the message is clear Gina Grad thinks we are the real thing Burgess runs Indie scenes Joe best podfather ever Dave n Amy Adams, in love forever Mikey licks Dan Stevens, ah-ah Earl lovin Terrance Malick, ah-ah The Deucecast Movie Show That is what they are Watching picture shows Shawn sang a wedding song Tommy produces now in anotherworld And Earl sits in prentention, ah-ah Sharing Marvel with each other, ah-ah